MG Motto Sport Special 1955

This car is a very unique Car and not many know that the coachbuilder Rocco Motto from Turin did 3 three Barchetta cars based on MG´s in the 50s. Work on the car as began now and i will post it here when i move forward on it. Absolute unique Barchetta with the Italian passion in it and a easy mecanical source below as all is MGA based. Will be open to the most Events and Rally´s you wish to participate. I will recreate two cars of it in the next month on MGA base and with a Aluminum Body. 

the pictures below are only to show the car in Origin. The Yelow car below is owned by a USA collector and sold some years ago for 1Mio+ at a Auction. 

Rocco Motto from Turin did a lot of bodies in his time for Ferrari, OSCA or Siata as well.

The same car also exsits as Ermini 1100 Sport and uses the same Body made by Rocco Motto. 

For more information please let me know.