MG Motto Special 1955

This car is a very unique Car and not many know that the coachbuilder Rocco Motto from Turin did 3 three Barchetta cars based on MG´s in the 50s. I decided to bring them back to live and started two MG Motto specials based on a MGA chassis, engine and gearbox are also MGA. The body is a handcrafted aluminum body. The car still will run under the MGA registration as it also have been in origin and you can start on each rally with this beautiful MG Barchetta. 

Rocco Motto from Turin did a lot of bodies in his time for Ferrari, OSCA or Siata as well.

2017: The work has started now and two MGA Chassis are fully restored and ready to work on the Body.

It will be a great car once I am finished.

For more information please let me know.